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Every day, people in the UK die without having left a will, and it can create huge problems, as we have discussed on this blog before.

Making a will is often seen as a tricky subject to discuss, either because it feels morbid, or because people don’t want to appear as if they are angling for an inheritance. Unclaimed estates

Making a will is a way to take control, make sure that your wishes are respected, that disputes are avoided, and that your belongings (your ‘estate’) go exactly where you wish it to.

For example, did you know that unclaimed estates will eventually go to the Government if nobody stakes a claim? It can be quite galling to think that, after working all your life and paying taxes, the Government could seize your belongings.

There is even a public list of unclaimed estates, freely available on this website. As you can see, it’s a huge list.

It is possible to make a claim on any of those, if you are entitled to do so, and the Government will support your application. However, wouldn’t it be better if no estate went unclaimed? The best way to avoid the issue is to make a will.

It’s a straightforward process, but if you’re not sure what to do, we can help. Either contact us here, or drop in to the DMA Law Link on Skinnergate in Darlington for a free chat about what you need to do.