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Still too many people die on UK roads

By 31st March 2017October 15th, 2021Accident Claims

The latest figures show that there are almost 2,000 people killed on UK roads each year, with over 25,000 either killed or seriously injured.

It’s a shocking number and represents a two per cent increase on the previous year (in line with a 1.4 per cent increase in the amount of traffic on our roads).

The new figures were published by the Government in February 2017 and refer to the 12 months ending September 2016.

The total number of casualties fell marginally, by four per cent, to 182,560. But it’s the death rate that remains alarming.

Remember, the majority of people who are injured aren’t drivers, they are pedestrians or cyclists. They are predominantly children.

Each year, there are periods in which the accident rate increases: the summer holidays and when the clocks go back in the autumn, making the evenings darker, are two such times.

And we are about to enter another: the Easter holidays are notorious for road accidents involving young pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

As the weather improves, and children of school age are on holiday, there are more people, and bikes on the streets. It’s crucial to look out for each other and to remember that it’s not just the victims of road accidents who suffer: it’s likely to ruin the life of the driver involved, too.

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