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If a person or a company owes you money and won’t pay you back, there are several ways of recovering the money.

When someone owes you money the action you should take depends on how much money is owed, and whether it’s a compensation for a service or faulty goods.

In this blog we are going to go through some of the sensible ways of recovering the money you are owed.

Before you act, you need to consider two things:

First, what is the value of what you are claiming? If the value is less than £10,000 and the case is straight forward, then it can be a really simple process that in some cases can be solved without the help of a solicitor, via what is often known as the Small Claims Court.

Second, if your case is legally complicated or your claim is worth more than £10,000 a solicitor will be required to take a legal action.

What are your options?

If you haven’t already we would advice you to firstly speak to the person who owes you money. By contacting the person or company that owes you money you may be able to informally agree a way to get the money repaid.

Remember to stay calm

In situations like these it’s important to avoid heated arguments or threats. If talking to them doesn’t work, you can write a letter explaining how much they owe, what you have done to try and get the money back and information such as paperwork relating to the debt.

The letter should also include a date by which you expect the payment and details of the steps you will take if the payment isn’t received. For quicker results, a letter from a solicitor explaining to them what legal action will be taken if they don’t pay is the best option.


If you are not able to come to an agreement, using a Mediation service or a solicitor is often a good option, with fewer financial implications than starting court proceedings.  In Mediation, a person will help both sides and will act like a referee in order to find a solution to the dispute. At DMA Law we offer dispute resolution and mediation services.

A solicitor with experience in debt recovery will help you outline your case and understand all your legal rights. With the help of a solicitor you will be able to identify and find the best action available for your situation.

Small Claims Court

It is possible to go to County Court – informally known as small claims court – to pursue what is owed to you. This will involve filling in an online form to start the process, and there is a guide to doing that here.

However, this is not a process to enter lightly. There are costs involved that it is important to be aware of. If in doubt, speak to a specialist. If you are near Darlington, you could pop into our DMA Law Link for free impartial guidance on the best steps to take.

If the above advice doesn’t help your situation our team of highly experienced lawyers can offer advice and assistance in all types of disputes and claims.  We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and tailoring our advice to their needs as we aim to get you the best possible outcome.

Whatever your need is, we are here to help! Contact us today.