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Road Safety Week 2017 urges people to 'Speed Down Save Lives'Road Safety Week 2017 launches today (20th November) and this year is focusing on the impact that excessive driving speed can have on people’s lives.

The campaign organiser – road safety campaigners Brake – is hoping to illustrate the different ways in which reducing speed can make our roads safer and our communities more pleasant.

Brake claims that the rise in popularity of higher-powered vehicles has done little to improve safety on roads – drivers’ reactions haven’t become quicker, after all.

The main campaigning points are:

  • speed causes deaths and serious injuries on our roads
  • rural roads are not race tracks
  • 20mph is the only safe speed in heavily built-up areas used by pedestrians and cyclists
  • going slow = stopping in time
  • speed is scary and noisy. It stops communities being enjoyable places for children and families to walk, talk and play.

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