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Road Safety Week 2016 – make a pledge to help save lives

By 21st November 2016October 15th, 2021Accident Claims

Drivers could save five lives a day if they change their habits and pledge to drive more safely, according to Brake, the organisation behind this year’s Road Safety Week, running from the 21st-27th November.

The theme of this year’s awareness-raiser is ‘Make the Brake Pledge’, in which drivers are urged to adhere to six key promises.

Slow – sticking to the speed limits.

Sober – not even having a single drink before taking control of a vehicle.

Secure – wearing a seat belt, and making sure passengers do, too.

Silent – avoiding all mobile phone use, even using a hands-free kit.

Sharp – make sure your eyesight is good enough to drive, and get your eyes tested frequently.

Sustainable – minimising the unnecessary car journeys we make, to make communities safer and to help the environment.

DMA Law would urge everyone to take these pledges and to support Road Safety Week in any way they can.

Our accident claim specialists deal with scores of cases every year involving people whose lives have been changed forever by road traffic collisions, so we fully understand how devastating they can be.

You can join in and make the pledges online at this address. If you decide to join in, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!