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As we move into October, it is worth a reminder that this time of year is one of the worst for accidents and serious injuries on the road, especially involving pedestrians.

At DMA Law, our personal injury team is all-too-familiar with the devastating effects that road crashes can have on the lives of individuals and families.

Autumn throws up a number of challenges on the roads, and it’s always worth a gentle reminder at this time of year to take care of each other, respect other people’s journeys, and to be extra vigilant, never assuming you know what’s going to happen on the road, even if it’s a journey you make every day.

The three main areas of difficulty for road safety at this time of year are the suddenly increased darkness, the increased amount of foot traffic, and the changeable and challenging weather conditions.


The evenings are already closing in, and the hour goes back in October. While neither of these are surprising events, the sudden darkness, especially during rush hour, catches people out every year. Drivers: the light can be difficult, especially around twilight. Please take care. Pedestrians, make sure you can be seen, and never assume drivers have seen you.

Increased foot traffic

This again seems obvious, but is worth a strong reminder. September always brings huge amounts of new foot traffic to the streets, after the summer lull. The majority of vulnerable pedestrians at this time of year are school children, and while parents need to help to teach them to take care, it is still incumbent on drivers to never assume that children will behave predictably or safely.


It’s not just ice and snow that is dangerous. Wet roads are greasier and offer less grip and vastly-increased stopping distances. Even if it hasn’t been raining, the roads can still be a lot more slippery than they would be in totally dry conditions. Plus, no matter how late you are running, never be tempted to drive in your car until the windows have de-misted fully. This can decrease your range of vision and increase the chances of crashing. You’ll be much later if you’re involved in an accident because you can’t see properly.