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Prince didn’t leave a will: could cause chaos for relatives

By 28th April 2016Probate, Wills

The untimely death of singer and musician Prince left the entertainment world stunned, and the sad news was followed by the equally surprising revelation that the performer had not left a will.

Prince’s £102m fortune has been left with a bank to manage, and observers are now predicting that it could cause ‘chaos, tax bills and law suits‘.

While the way the US wills and probate law works differs to ours, the message is the same: regardless of the size of your estate, having a will is utterly essential if you want to make sure your belongings go to the people you intend them to.

The Prince situation may seem like an entirely different problem to those endured by the average family in the North East, but the lessons are identical.

We have blogged about this before – you can read more here – but if you have a house and/or a family, and don’t have a will, please contact us to arrange one asap. It’s never too soon, but it can be too late, and is less expensive than you might expect.