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With the new year just around the corner, there are some new legislation and law changes that are worth mentioning and preparing for.

Read the most important changes:

New homes must have electric car chargers by law from 2022

All new homes and buildings in England will be required by law to have electric vehicle charging points installed as standard from 2022. New build workplaces, supermarkets, and other buildings undergoing big renovations will also have to add electric car charging points under the new law.

The new law comes as the UK aims to switch to electric cars with new petrol and diesel cars sales to be banned from 2030.

Changes to the Highway Code from January 2022

The changes to the Highway Code will affect all road users in January 2022. Some of the key changes to the Highway Code will include the establishment of a hierarchy of road users guide designed to protect the most vulnerable road users, like pedestrians and cyclists.

Road users that can cause the greatest harm will also have the highest accountability to reduce the danger that they may cause to other users. These new changes will place more responsibility on larger vehicle drivers.

The new Highway Code also include changes to junctions: pedestrians will have priority when they are waiting to cross a crossing or junction rather than only when they are already crossing. Drivers turning into a junction or changing lanes should not cross the park of cyclists, horse riders or horse- drawn vehicles.

Plastic Packaging Tax for businesses

An important change for businesses is the new Plastic Packaging tax coming into force from April 2022. All UK manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging and consumers who buy plastic packaging will pay tax on any plastic packaging that doesn’t contain at least 30% recycled plastic.

Read when to register for Plastic Packaging Tax.

We will keep you updated with any other new law changes and in the meantime please get in touch if you have any enquiries on how these changes might affect you. Please call us: 01325 482299 or email: