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For years, January has been unofficially nicknamed as divorce month of the year due to the belief that many couples end their marriage early in the New Year.

But the question arises: is this a myth or a fact?

The truth is a bit complicated because the first two months of the New Year, as reported by our Family Law team, are traditionally busier with divorce enquiries. Therefore, we wouldn’t necessarily describe January as divorce month but as a time of the year when couples get in touch to learn more about the divorce process.

However, in the past years, the phenomenon of divorce month has been used as an advertising stunt by many law firms so it’s hard to determine whether this was a statistical fast that was used or something that occurred due to the publicity.

The media promotes the idea that people have reached their limits after spending time together during the Christmas holidays and that is something that our solicitors have rarely encountered in their many years of experience.

In our experience, couples get in touch when there have been underlying problems for some time and have simply chosen to wait until the right time to learn more.

No-fault divorce

Previously, during the divorce legal proceeding, blame or reasoning had to be assigned to one person which created unnecessary hostility and added more tension on top of all the stress the couples went through.

This was a dark part of the divorce process that lawyers, families and couples have wanted to change for years. The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 has brought an end to fault-based divorce and allows couples to end their marriage jointly and peacefully.

Learn more about the benefits of joint applications for no-fault divorce.


At DMA Law we want to see families find ways to work through their problems. Divorce should only ever be a last resort. We would always recommend counselling and if it does reach that stage, we work closely with our clients to ensure they receive only the best possible legal advice, but also an understanding and supportive ear.

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