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April can only mean spring, warmer weather and motorcycle riding time is here. As the weather improves the number of bikers on the road increases – but that also increases the number of accidents.

After waiting through what seemed as the longest winter, it’s finally time to get your motorcycle back on the road. However, the weather can change very quickly at this time of year, so it’s very important to prepare accordingly.

At DMA Law, our personal injury specialists are also motorcycle enthusiasts – they have dealt with numerous cases involving motorcyclists and accidents with serious injuries.

Whether you have your motorcycle out already, or you’re thinking about it, here’s some advice on what to wear to keep you safe this spring.

Wear the right gear

Wearing the right gear can be as important as servicing your motorcycle, dress to prepare for the impact, not the ride. Motorcycle gear can be expensive but the physical cost of not wearing the right gear in case of an accident can be far greater.

  • When on a motorcycle, you must make sure to wear gear that will protect you and make you visible all times of the day.
  • Wear reflective gear at night and bright gear during the day to improve your chances of being seen by others.
  • Always try new equipment, even a new pair of gloves.
  • Statistics have shown that 19% of hospital admissions involved lower leg injuries from motorcycle riders that weren’t wearing the right shoes. Motorcycle boots must be sturdy and above the ankle height to protect and support the ankle area.
  • A short slide on tarmac will shred through normal clothes in no time, so its important to find clothing and gloves that will shield you from a crash and keep you safe.
  • Don’t leave yourself exposed and make sure every part of you is well covered up with the right gear.
  • For the summer showers, you must have a waterproof over-suit that will protect you from both the wet weather and the wet road.
  • By law a motorcycle rider must wear a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle and the helmet must satisfy either the British Standard BS 6658:1985 or the UNECE Regulation 22.05.
  • It is vital for the motorcyclist’s safety to choose a helmet that fits correctly, if a helmet moves around on your head you need to invest in a new one. Find more details on how to select the right helmet here.

Here at DMA Law, we pride ourselves on treating our clients as individuals. Our team of highly experience lawyers can help you in all areas of personal injury and accident claims.

Personal injury claims are never alike – because no two clients are alike, and we strive to ensure that whoever is compensating our clients for their injuries recognises that too.

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