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A Teesside–based scale-up expert has helped one of the region’s leading law firms build foundations for its future.

Team Massive Results’ Ian Kinnery has been helping DMA Law restructure its plans and goals for the business with his individual brand of business coaching.

Initially working with DMA Law director Julie Mathieson on a one-to-one level, to help her grow as a business leader, Ian has now been brought in to the company to prepare 40-year-old business for the scaling-up process and take the steps needed for sustainable growth.

Mathieson said: “Ian has been a breath of fresh air both for me and the business.

“Since meeting Ian on a personal level I have really turned a corner and advanced as a business leader. I have unlocked new skills and become more comfortable in my role which is helping to push the company forward.

“I have worked with business development consultants in the past but Ian’s technique and skills is a completely unique way of coaching. His method is tough and challenging but also fun and gets the best out of you. He guides you to achieve your goals.”

After working closely with Ian, Julie knew that his methods would be the perfect fit to help DMA Law to build on its past and create a long-term and achievable vision for the future.

Julie added: “After working with the company for just three months, we are already seeing the benefits of Ian’s work at DMA Law.

“He is really helping to get the team, the leaders and the business aligned to help us perform consistently at a higher level.

“The executive team bought into Ian’s strategy straight away and he is now helping us to build on our foundations and get us in a healthy shape to succeed over the long-term.

For more information on how Ian and the team at Team Massive Results can help your business, visit or contact 0330 0538550.