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September is Alzheimer’s awareness month, and we would like to join the conversation, spread awareness and give our advice on what we know best: the legal and financial aspects for people with dementia.

Firstly, our team is always available to help you and your family. We offer free informal chats and considerate and informed advice. We can help you with Lasting Powers of Attorney, living Wills, Trusts and more.

If someone in your family or close to you is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s we recommend that you start planning their legal affairs.

Sadly, as the disease advances, people with Alzheimer’s might not be able to make important decisions so it’s important to have all legal documents completed.

Doing this as early as possible also means that the person with Alzheimer’s will also be able to participate as much as possible in the planning, voice their wishes and sign the documents.

Our team that specialises in elderly client issues will be beside you every step of the way and depending on your situation we will suggest the best legal documents. The main legal documents that we suggest are:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney: a legal document that will allow the person in need to appoint their family members or trusted people to help them make decisions or make decisions on their behalf if they are unable.

The trusted people you select can deal with financial affairs as instructed and health-related matters. The person with Alzheimer’s disease can pick one person to deal with both legal and health care affairs or different people. The person looking after their health care can be instructed to make choices on medical treatments and decisions.

The person with dementia should also pick another trusted person to look after their legal and health care affairs in the event their first choice is unable to take on the responsibility.


Please get in touch for an informal chat and our solicitors can give you more information dependent on your personal situation. We will help you recognise the key future issues that might arise and how to solve them.  Use our contact form online or call us.