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DSC_1761Streaming illegal content could be about to get tougher after a High Court blocking order that could see internet providers preventing users from using services such as Kodi.

Three factors have seen illegal streaming grow in popularity: the price of TV entertainment and sports packages (in some cases over £100 per month), the increased availability of fast broadband, and the accessibility of ‘dongles’ that deliver services such as Kodi to people’s living rooms.

But the authorities were always going to attempt to crack down on these activities. It is time consuming and expensive to attempt to stop individuals from streaming illegal content, so it makes far more sense to cut the streams off at the source. BT Sport, Sky and Virgin are all powerful lobbyists and this will have helped to influence the decision.

While Kodi boxes aren’t illegal in themselves – and can be used to access a range of legal (free or paid-for) content – they are frequently used to host apps that do give access to illegal material.

Our advice, as always, is only to use content that you have paid for, or which you know to be free of charge, such as Youtube or Freeview.