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Divorcing a narcissist can be emotionally draining journey because of their manipulative tendencies. Seeking legal assistance from a divorce solicitor is crucial in these cases. Here are some of our tips to simplify the process:

Set boundaries

Narcissists don’t respect boundaries. Try to clearly communicate your boundaries through your solicitor to prevent unnecessary conflicts, this will also maintain a record of your attempts at civility.

Stay focused 

Narcissistic ex-partners may attempt to distract you from your goals. Stay committed to your priorities if this is asset division, child custody, or financial independence. Your solicitor can help create a strategic plan.

Document everything

Narcissists often distort the truth and twist reality. Document every interaction, conversation and incident related to your divorce. This not only protects you but also provides valuable evidence for your divorce solicitor.

Take care of yourself

The emotional toll of divorcing a narcissist can be devastating. Prioritise self-care by seeking therapy and dedicating time to your well-being. Your solicitor might recommend mediation for a smoother process.

Choose the right solicitors

When it comes to legal advice opt for a firm with expertise in handling complex cases, like DMA Law. Our comprehensive legal advice and empathetic approach ensure we can help you handle your situation with ease.

There are many solutions when it comes to divorce, so please reach out for a confidential discussion about your situation and the specialised assistance we can offer.