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Adoption can completely transform both the child’s and prospective parents’ lives and it is a process that requires expert legal assistance, emotional support, dedication, and trust.

Our Family Law team has years of experience dealing with all family matters including adoption cases and will always be available to advise you with compassion and understanding.

If you are considering adopting, please continue reading to learn a bit more about adoption and how we can help:

Who can adopt?

Adoption is a process where a child who is not your biological child becomes your child. To adopt a child, you must be over 21 and:

  • You do not need to be a British Citizen to adopt a child, but you or your partner must have a fixed home in the UK and have lived here for at least a year.
  • You do not necessarily need to be married, in a civil partnership or a relationship.
  • Stepparents are also able to adopt their partner’s child.

In order to be adopted, a child must be under the age of 18 when the adoption application is made and must not be or have ever been married or in a civil partnership. The child’s birth parents usually must agree to the adoption, unless:

  • They cannot be found
  • They are incapable of giving consent
  • The child would be placed at risk if they were not adopted.

How can we help?

Speaking to an experienced solicitor is essential if you are thinking of adoption, our team will make sure you understand all the legal difficulties that you may face during your journey, look you’re your specific case and ensure all legal procedures are complied with.

Our expert team will guide you through the UK adoption process, we assist people from initial guidance to legal representation in the family court. Including:

  • Domestic adoption
  • Family adoption, adopting stepchildren or close relatives.
  • Same-sex couple adoption rights
  • Assisting with international adoption and Adoption Orders made abroad

Please get in touch by using our contact form or by ringing your local DMA Law branch.