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The decision to divorce is a life change that will affect you and the people around you especially when the divorce is filled with despair and pain.  So, what about making the decision to have a smooth divorce?

Here are some points to consider if you want a smooth divorce process:

Decide what post-divorce relationship do you want to have.

Divorce is rarely easy but if you want to part on good terms, make the decision and commit to it. The most important thing couples must realise is that no matter what happened in the past you now have the choice to have a good divorce and a happy future.

Make sure you lay some ground rules early on, that way the hostilities and arguments can be avoided. A smooth divorce relies on the determination and purpose of the couple.

Think about your children.

A smooth divorce means a happier future for you and your children.  Research shows that most UK divorcees are in their early 40s, so it’s more likely for young children to be affected.

Dr Stephen Adams-Langley, senior clinical consultant at children’s mental-health charity Place2Be, says: “The key message for parents is that they have to put more effort into the love they have for their children than into the animosity they may have for each other.”

Children will benefit from clear communication with no arguments, don’t forget children are able to see straight through the lies, which can upset and stress them even more.

Get advice.

Speak to a divorce solicitor to clearly understand the relevant law. With all the available information online, it’s easy to lose track and get the wrong information. Many people facing divorce do not necessarily know the family’s financial situation.

Every divorce is different so it’s very important to get the right advice from a qualified team that will guide you through the process.

Get emotional support.

After a break-up, emotions are running high and many couples facing divorce do not have the right support system to help them through the process. Proper support will allow you to address your emotions and help you make better decisions.

If you would like to speak to a divorce solicitor or need some advice call us for a free initial discussion with our divorce solicitors.