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It has been said that one in four households will be rented by 2021 and many of those who rent their home are in the dark about their legal rights.

Did you know that if you rent your home from a private or social housing landlord that they are responsible for most of the repairs?

A landlord has an obligation in law to make sure that any property they let is fit to be lived in and to repair the property when necessary.

Your tenancy agreement should contain a section explaining your landlord’s responsibilities. If they are not written in to your agreement, there is an implied legal duty for landlords to carry out basic repairs. The landlord’s responsibilities are that the property is to be kept in good repair and safe to live in.

If you notify your landlord of any issues and they fail to carry out the essential repairs or improvements within a reasonable period of time then that may constitute “disrepair”.

What is my landlord responsible for fixing?

Disrepair can include damage to: the structure and exterior of your home, the walls, roof, foundations, windows, external pipes, external doors, damp and mould. It also includes damage to; toilets, sinks, basins and baths. As well as, the gas and electric supply, water supply and heating.

You have legal rights if your landlord fails to keep their obligations and your home falls in to a state of disrepair. You can force your landlord carry out the repairs and may also be entitled to compensation for the stress, inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of your home that you have suffered.

Given that it is the place you return to each night and the ever increasing cost of rent in today’s world you should exercise your rights to protect your home.

Speak to our Housing Disrepair team today at DMA Law to find out what you can do.