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DMA Accident Angels: Put your phone away whilst driving – never risk lives for ‘Likes’

By 2nd June 2015DMA LAW TEAM

Google store DMASmartphone and tablets have put a huge amount of instant communication power at our fingertips – and the nature of social media means it is incredibly tempting to try to chronicle everything that happens throughout your day.

However, there are clearly times and places to use your phone – and when you’re behind the wheel of a car is not one of them.

Police this week have confirmed that as many as 15 people are set to be prosecuted after they were caught trying to take pictures, whilst driving, of a crash involving four lorries – one of which was carrying seven and a half tonnes of teddy bears.

Objectively speaking, it was an incident worth taking a picture of – but definitely not whilst at the wheel. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye – rubbernecking at accidents is dangerous enough, but trying to take a picture of those crashes is risking lives.

In the eyes of the law, using your phone to take a picture is no different to using it to make a call. You should never risk lives for the sake of a few Facebook ‘likes’.

Of course, there are times in vehicle accidents when a smartphone can be incredibly useful – and can even make the difference between a successful personal injury or insurance claim.

As a method of collecting data after a crash, the phone can be invaluable – and that’s why we at DMA Law launched our DMA Accident Angels App, available for iOS and Android phones, which guides drivers through the correct procedures to collate data in the aftermath of a crash.

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget something crucial, so our app makes sure nothing goes amiss – and means you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Of course, remember that safety always comes first – do not attempt to stand in the carriageway to take pictures unless the road has been closed by authorities.

DMA Accident Angels is the DMA Law service that helps motorists get back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident which was not their fault. Call DMA Accident Angels on 0800 023 6233 before your insurer to access the following service features:

• A category like-for-like replacement vehicle. If you drive a luxury saloon or need a seven-seat people carrier, you won’t be given a small hatchback.
• No excess to pay.
• Your no-claims discount will be unaffected.
• We have a wholly UK-based contact centre.
• Only top-rated, approved vehicle repairers used.
• All clients treated equally – whether you have fully comprehensive or third-party, fire and theft cover.