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DMA Accident Angels App

By 2nd April 2015January 4th, 2018Accident Claims

IMG_3334Nobody expects to be in a road accident, but it’s vital to be as prepared as possible in case the worst happens. Accident Angels, the accident management and recovery service has launched a new iPhone and Android app that helps motorists gather all the data they need to in the event of an accident. Ian Wanstall, personal injury specialist at North East law firm DMA Law, explains.

As those who read my blogs will be aware DMA Law set up an accident management scheme recently to help motorists sort out their damaged car following an accident.

In essence the scheme provides a helpline number for motorists and motorcyclists to ring in the event of an accident which isn’t their fault. The helpline number gives access to vehicle recovery, repair and a category like for like replacement vehicle while repairs are being carried out.

The cost of the above services are recovered from the other driver’s insurers so there is no excess to pay and it has no effect on the clients own insurance. This is of course in addition to the convenience of everything being sorted out from one call to the helpline number.

To make sure that motorists and motorcyclists have the all-important helpline number to hand when they need it we have been providing DMA Accident Angels key fobs.

We are always looking for ways to be as helpful as we can so we have now created the DMA Accident Angels app.
The app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store. Not only does the app give push button access to DMA Accident Angels but it can also help in other ways.

If you are at the scene of an accident that has just happened go to the DMA Accident Angels app and it will tell you what to do to gather all the information you need. It will help you by taking you to the camera on your phone and tells you what to photograph.

The biggest problem with being involved in an accident is as simple as not having a pen and paper handy to record all the vital information that you need to gather at the scene. With the DMA Accident Angels app this is no longer a problem! The app provides a note pad where you can record all the information you need either by typing it in or by wring on the pad with your finger!

The app goes even further and provides a quick contact for a personal injury claim even where there is no damaged vehicle to deal with. The app also gives an easy link to DMA Law to enquire about any other legal service that you may require.

Why not download the app and see how useful it is. It costs nothing and if you find it useful tell your friends and family and they can download it too.

If you have any queries about the DMA Accident Angels service or any other legal issue please do not hesitate to give Ian a ring on 0191 375 3938.