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For the first time in UK legal history, controlling or coercive behaviour will be put on a par with physical violence.

This will result in offenders sentenced to a year or more imprisonment or a suspended sentence that will automatically be managed by the police, prison, and probation services under public protection arrangements.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the new civil orders are coming into force to better protect victims of domestic abuse. It was confirmed that the new civil orders will be trialled in areas in the UK with the most violent offenders electronically tagged: Gwent, Greater Manchester and London.

Domestic abusers will face tougher management under the new measures that go further than ever before in protecting people and focusing on stopping domestic abuse before it even transpires.

Police and the probation service will ensure offenders that are sentenced to a year or more for controlling behaviour are recorded on the violent and sex offender register from now on.

As part of the new trials of domestic abuse protection, abusers will also be fitted with a tag that will prevent them from going near the victim’s home and will be made to attend a behaviour change programme.

From yesterday Monday the 20th of February, people at risk of, or suffering from, domestic abuse will be able to receive emergency help from one of 18 job centres and jobs and benefit offices across the UK.

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, said: “The wide-ranging measures announced today will mean the most dangerous offenders will be watched more closely and added to the violent and sex offender register.

“Also, police forces in England and Wales will now have to treat violence against women and girls as a national threat and more victims will be protected from harm.”

Please read the full set of measures set yesterday the 20th of February.


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