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DMA Law’s Tracey Rogers is celebrating a staggering 20 years at DMA Law. She agreed to mark the occasion by answering a few of our questions!


What career did you want to follow when you left school?      

I always wanted to me a nursery teacher, but decided I didn’t like kids! (Despite then going on to have two of my own!)

I then only wanted to work in a bar, but could only do that when I turned 18, which my mam was not going for, so she told me I needed to either go to college or get a job. So I applied for a YTS scheme in the October of leaving school.

0014-Tracey-Rogers2How old where you when you started?

I was 16 when I started working here in 1996.

Was it your first job from full time education?

This was my first job from leaving school, it was a YT Scheme, I worked Monday to Friday, back then our hours were 9am til 5.30pm.  I was meant to go back to the YT office one day per week, but because we were always a busy office and mostly because I hated course work, I didn’t, which resulted in me taking two years to complete the scheme before being taken on permanently!

Who interviewed you?

Marie Dawes interviewed me at the time as she was the office manager. My interview must have gone well as I got a call from my YTS scheme the next day to stay they were offering me a placement, and have been here ever since!

Job Title? 

Office Junior.

Who trained you?

Rachel Woods, who I must say was always very nice to me – even though I must have tested her patience to the limit!

Who was number 1 in the charts at the time?

Wannabe by the Spice Girls stayed at number one for several weeks in 1996, I remember the song well because who doesn’t love the Spice Girls?!


Thanks for answering our questions, Tracey – here’s to another 20 years!