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There are a lot of incorrect myths about personal injury claims, some of which may discourage victims from claiming what they are entitled to by law.

Personal injury claims can be complex and at DMA Law we believe no two claims are alike. We reveal the five most common myths about personal injury claims:

The myth: Claims take years to settle

The truth is only a few claims take a long time to reach a settlement: in fact, most claims are settled within eight to 12 months. More complex cases can be different and can take many years to settle.

In cases involving serious injuries – such as traumatic brain or spine injuries – the full extent of the injury and the client’s long-term needs are not always instantly obvious. In these cases, a long time is spent calculating exactly what the victim needs as part of their rehabilitation and long-term care.

It can also take longer to settle a claim if the opposing side denies liability and the claim goes to court for a decision. If many different witnesses are required to give their versions of events, it can slow things down too.

The myth: you must go to court to settle a claim

Some claims when they are contested will have to go to court, but the vast majority are settled without anybody setting foot in a courtroom.

If your opponent has accepted responsibility for your injury or illness, our Personal Injury team will always try to negotiate a settlement that considers your injuries, suffering, future care costs and expenses you’ve incurred.

Settling early helps everyone as it keeps costs down and enables everyone involved to move on with getting their life back on track.

The myth: it’s simpler to deal with your insurer

Motor insurance companies frequently offer a legal representation service as part of their package, but they won’t necessarily get you the best compensation, or they won’t be completely focused on your rehab needs.

We would always recommend speaking to a specialist, independent law firm as part of a personal injury claim.

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